WASHI „A“ 135 ISO 12


Includes 19% MwSt.
  • orthochromatic black & white leader film
  • portrait, urban photography, still life, astrophotography
  • originally used as protection tail for motion picture film copy and recording subtitles or main-titles
  • natural light, very strong contrast

Manufacturer: WASHI FILM EURL
Made in France
Product: FILM WASHI | Format: 135
Polyester, 120 μm
12 ISO | Spectral sensitivity: Maximum 580nm
DX Code: no
Exposures: 36 images
Grain: fine | Contrast: very strong

Item condition: new | cartridge: reused & perfect condition
Storing: fridge



Film “A” is a black & white film used as leader and protection tail during the reproduction process of motion picture films. It is sensitised to record technical data like sub-titles or main-titles and offers a very fine grain and a very high contrast.

Beware of too much contrast with outdoor views because the sky can be easily overexposed. For interior shooting, please remind that this film is not very sensitive to tungsten type light. Use natural light for much better results.

The use of the recycled cassettes is not recommanded with fully automatic/motorized cameras.