Jason Lane Dry Plates 4″x5″


  • black-and-white negative glass dry plates normal sensitivity
  • silver gelatin emulsion produced with own formula
  • hand-coated
  • photographic look und practice early 1880s

Manufacturer: Pictoriographica, LLC.
Made in USA
Product: J Lane Dry Plates | Format: 3,94″ x 4,96″ / 100 x 126 mm
Sensitivity: ASA 2
Number: 10 plates

Item condition: new | Plates: hand-coated
Storing: dark and dry



In Europe our Black and White Photographic Laboratory is the only provider of the J. Lane Dry Plates. If you need a size we don’t offer in our shop, please contact us any time via mail at mail@schwarzweiss-fotolabor.de.


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