The black and white photographic laboratory (Schwarzweiß Fotolabor), which is called in the following just „laboratory“, takes the security of your personal data very serious and is keeping the laws of the European Union (EU-GDPR). Your personal data will only be tracked on this website in the technical extent which is required. Your data will not be part of any economic sales to third parties or else. The following statement shows you an overview of the security we will provide and which kind of data we will impose to what kind of purpose (a complete overview you will find only on the German version of this website):


This data protection should inform all the users of this website according to the EU-GDPR about the purpose and the extent about the elevation of using your personal data.

The provider of this website is taking the GDPR very seriously and takes care about them in a confidential manner .

But be aware of security lacks in the internet by principle. It is not possible to realize any kind of 100% security against foreign attacks misusing data.