In the black and white photographic laboratory we are offering alongside a professional work in processing and printing other possibilities to work: As a studio for analogue handcraft we want to share our experience in special workshops. Furthermore we offer you to rent our photographic laboratory for your own and individual printing work.


We offer you two possibilities to use our black and white photo laboratory for your own processing and printing work.

1. flexible renting:
our space at the location Albertstr. 113 / Düsseldorf is open for rent and you can benefit from an individual care.

2. Lab Community:
you can join our lab-community and will have high flexibility by using the space and a good price offer


The Schwarzweiß Fotolabor offers various courses. The same applies to all of them:
→ Individual Workshop
Fee: 250€ material included (per person)

Group Workshop
In small groups (min. 2 / max. 5 persons) you will learn the basic techniques around the processing and printing work. Fee: 200€ material included (per person).

Registration by e-mail to
After binding registration you will receive a confirmation with detailed information about the course.

Elementary techniques of development work and enlargement
  • Work procedures from negative to positive print
  • Developing a gradation series
  • Create PE postcards from the 35mm image
  • Production of an 30x40cm barytprint from the medium format
Theory and Technique:
Scanning and Digitalisation
  • Create workflows for:
  • various scan processes
  • a digital repro
  • Introduction to image editing (Photoshop, Lightroom)
  • Preparation for a digital print (incl. 1x digital print up to A3)
History and Technology:
Cyanotopy – a noble printing technique
  • Production of:
  • 8×10 inch negatives of different starting materials
  • small exposure series on handmade paper
  • Cyanotopy of the created 8x10inch negative
  • Cyanotopy on fabric of non-photographic material