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Our focus and core business is processing, printing and scanning of analogue materials. Most important is that we de 100% handcraft with archival standards. To guarantee that our baths undergo on a regularly basis chemical tests. In the digital field we work with calibrated machines and also the suitable color profiles for the different materials. If you have any questions about our workflow don’t hesitate to ask for more details.


We process 100% with handcraft in our photographic laboratory in Erkrather Straße 292 in Düsseldorf. We enjoy to take care of your special wishes. Concerning the flexibility of photographic materials the work in processing is the basis of all further interest in the material and use.

Standard Processingin D76
35mm and 1206,00 €
35mm and 120+Contact Sheet11,50 €
35mm and 120+Contact Scan13,00 €
9/12 and 4/5 Inch4,00 €
9/12 and 4/5 Inch+Contact Sheet7,00 €
Contact sheet A46,00 €
Contact sheet up to size 50/6025,00 €
Special Processing
Infrared, ISO 3200,
Aperture Correction, C41, 110
ab 7,50 €
Fine Grain Processing,
T-Max Processing
ab 8,00 €
J. Lane Dry Platesab 5,00 €
WASHI Film „W“ & „V“ab 9,00 €


In our printing process the most important value is to fulfill your special and individual requests. Every single negative has its special character and we are pleased to find your personal grading wish.

Baryt Silver GelatineGlossy | Matt
10/155,50 €
13/188,50 €
15/2112,00 €
18/2418,00 €
20/2521,00 €
A424,00 €
24/3029,00 €
30/4045,00 €
40/50 (40/40)60,00 €
50/60 (50/50)90,00 €
50/70115, 00 €
PE-PaperGlossy | Semi-matt
9/132,50 €
10/154,00 €
13/185,50 €
15/218,00 €
18/2411,00 €
20/2514,00 €
A415,50 €
24/3020,00 €
30/4027,00 €
40/50 (40/40)40,00 €
50/60 (50/50)55,00 €


We have steady contact with professional digital printers. We scan, edit, consult and advice you in the right way to a perfect end result. Mostly in the context of old materials it is often better (or let’s say more economical) to work digital instead of analogue.

Film up to 21x30tiff + jpeg2,00 €
Contact Scan up to 36 Photosjpeg7,50 €
Pattern up to DIN A42,00 €
Pattern up to DIN A34,00 €

Digital Print

All sizes are possible. Detailed prices result from concrete size and choice of paper after individual arrangement. In principle, test prints are possible for larger orders and included in the price.

Fine Art Print UltraChrome HDRTecco / Hahnemühle etc. (Paper of choice)
13/18from 8 €
18/24from 12 €
24/30from 15 €
30/40from 20 €
40/50from 30 €
50/60from 40 €
50/70from 55 €
80/110from 90 €


Please ask about other analogue and digital services. You can contact us personally or via mail – do not hesitate. We are able to fulfill your special requests and may advice you on toning, tinting, retouching or digital image editing. The price will be calculated relating to the actual outlay. We will prepare for you a personal offer after consulting.

Please contact us for discounts. For some sizes we offer a 10% reduction if you order more than 10 prints. Also for students it is possible to get a 5% reduction on standard processing and prints. We afford the discount only after a personal request.