Project scholarship at Schwarzweiß Fotolabor

The Schwarzweiß Fotolabor initiates every year a project scholarship in cooperation with Art in the museum, that is directed specifically to young artists. The submitted projects should deal with analog processes, reflect or visualize them or even think beyond them.

This scholarship includes the use of the laboratory for a period of up to six weeks in July and August (beyond the regular opening hours of the lab) and it also includes the materials that will be used during this work period. Following this, the realized work leads to an exhibition, whose elaboration process will be supported by Océane Gonnet, the founder of Art in the museum, from a curatorial point of view.

For this year’s jury in 2022 we are happy that we could win Cate Lartey and Yohanan Khodr. They will make their decisions in an independent jury session, which is preceded by a purely formal review by the Team of Schwarzweiß Fotolabor.

Cate Lartey (visual artist and curator) and Yohanan Khodr (visual artist and filmmaker) understand processes as self-knowledge. In their personal approaches, this plays as much a role as an essayistic and collaborative work. They will consider political, cultural or humanistic perspectives as well as what kind of stories the photographic works carry when making their choice.

The deadline for applications is 15.03.2022. We are looking forward to receiving: a detailed portfolio (CV, motivation, concrete project idea, idea of how to use the lab spaces, possibly collaborators) in a PDF file to