Our Philosophy

Analogue. Black. White. Gray shades.

In the digital era analogue materials have an important value. In the world of analogue negatives and prints the variety of the black and the white is confronted with the complexity of the color photography.

The black and white photographic laboratory was founded in 1999 by Erika Vogel, specifically with a perspective on the black and white and in this tradition of thought is pusued by Thomas Ochs since April 2018. In their minds both are connected not just because of their analogue fascination and vision but also because of their passion for the materiality itself. In the act of processing and printing lies a particular haptic experience, and with this kind of understanding exact handcraft and trained eyes are the most important things for this work.

Beyond our passion about the black and white there are the gray shades that deliver special nuances for a perfect print. We understand the perspective on black and white in the analogue photography as a conscious statement.

Our Team

Eleonora Arnold
Digitalization / Darkroom

Thomas Ochs

Ralph Kettler

Erika Vogel