WASHI Film “D” 135 ISO 500 36 Images – Aerial Surveillance Film


Includes 19% MwSt.
  • panchromatic black & white surveillance film
  • suitable for landscape photography
  • originally used for aerial photography
  • high sensitivity and small aperture

Manufacturer: WASHI FILM EURL
Made in France
Product: FILM WASHI | Format: 135
Polyester, 75 μm
500 ISO | Spectral sensitivity: Maximum 690nm
DX Code: no
Exposures: 36 images
Grain: moderate | Contrast: strong

Item condition: new | cartridge: reused & perfect condition
Storing: fridge

30,5m bulk roll

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Originally coated for aerial surveillance and cartography used by the Russian aerospace industry, “D” is a panchromatic negative film, offering high contrast and moderate grain.

When you need high sensitivity and small aperture. This film can be pushed at 1600 iso and also be processed as a slide film.

“D” is a very thin film and it can be delicate to load it in processing tanks. You can tape a piece of thicker leader film onto it to make it easier to introduce in the reel.

The use of the recycled cassettes is not recommanded with fully automatic/motorized cameras.