WASHI Film “Z” ISO 400 135 24 Images – Near Infrared Film


Includes 19% MwSt.
  • near infrared sensible black and white film
  • suitable for landscape photography
  • originally used for aerial photography and mapping
  • nice contrast and green shades separation

Manufacturer: WASHI FILM EURL
Made in France
Product: FILM WASHI | Format: 135
Polyester, 100 μm
400 ISO | Spectral sensitivity: Maximum 750nm
DX Code: no
Exposures: 24 images
Grain: low | Contrast: moderate

Item condition: new | cartridge: reused & perfect condition
Storing: fridge

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Originally coated for aerial vegetation mapping, “Z” is a near infrared sensitive film, offering nice contrast and green shades separation, making it perfect for landscape photography.

The infrared effect (dark sky and highlight red and green) can be exagerated by using a red filter.

The use of the recycled film cassette is not recommanded with full automatic/motorized camera.


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